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PonnoPozz X Joytoast Adjustable Bag Strap

PonnoPozz X Joytoast Adjustable Bag Strap

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Bag strap adorned with the colorful art of Adrianne Hawthorne of PonnoPozz. ( @ponnopozz) 

Like we hate to gush but we really are obsessed with our adjustable bag straps. Not only are they a freaking statement, but if you're in a larger body and have ever bought a crossbody bag or fanny, you know the struggle of it having a long enough strap is real. These two-inch wide bag straps can be attached to any bag, duffle, or purse that has removable strap hardware or a place you can clip the strap ends. Wear them crossbody, or around your waist. 

PS. Hot tip: We've also attached them to camera bags, makeup totes, and laptop bags.

  • Made in the USA
  • SUPER heavy-duty
  • Sublimation printed on both sides

Model details: 

Regina: Chest:33", Waist 26", Hip 36" Height: 5'8"
Dom: Chest: 50", Waist: 45", Hip: 51" Height: 5'4"
Megan: Chest: 59", Waist: 54”, Hips 64” Height: 5'5.5"
Jake: Chest: 44", Waist: 38" Height: 5'9"

Strap Dimensions

Strap is 2 inches wide.

Adjustable length.

Min Length: 42 inches

Max Length: 76.5 inches

Length measurements are taken from end to end.

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